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Summer Home Improvement: Upgrade Locks

A great choice for summer home improvement is to ask a Locksmiths Nottingham to upgrade your locks. With crime rates rising, you want to be sure that your home is safe and secure. No one knows when an intruder is going to enter their home, so you want to have the security you need.  Summer is a far more popular time to break into a house because people are out on vacations and the weather is nice.  Here are some reasons to upgrade your locks.

New technology will come out often with locks and deadbolts. You may think that you have the latest thing, but chances are you don’t.  There is probably a new type of lock that has come out and that you are going to want to make sure that you are looking into. A professional locksmith Nottingham Dp Locksmiths can help you with that.

Old locks get weak, so you may have a solid lock, but when it is old it can break down.  So, you need to make sure that you aren’t losing the integrity of this lock.  Replacing these often is something that you need to make sure that you are doing.
Houses are easier to break into during the summer. This is for many reasons, our kids are out of school so we take vacations, we leave the back door or a window unlocked because we want to have that wonderful breeze come through.  Make sure that you aren’t making your house vulnerable.

images-2There are many events that are going to be a reason that you are going to need to call a locksmiths in Chester.  So, if that is the case, you are going to need to make sure that you are looking into the best choices that are out there.  Here are a few reasons why you are going to want to be sure that you are hiring a locksmith to help you aside from the obvious reasons.

  • You need to have your house checked to be sure that it is safe and secure.  A good locksmith can help you with that and it is a great idea.
  • You need to have the locks changed at your house because you rented it to someone and they have moved out, and that is no big deal. Make sure that they are able to get the locks changed for safety and security.
  • You need to have a new key fob made for your car and it is an electronic key fob. Make sure that you are able to have them make you a new key so that you have that extra one.
  • You want to have extra straight metal keys made so you are able to have the locksmith cut them for you so that they look great.


Many people probably have their own idea of what a day in the life of a locksmith is like, but they are probably wrong in their assumptions. The history of locksmithing and the profession have evolved through the years. People have always had the need to protect their loved ones and their valuables and, as a result, have found the need for locks and other security devices. Professional lock makers have been around for centuries, but their job has diversified through the years.

History of Locksmithing

The first lock and key devices can be traced back to the Ancient Babylonians and Ancient Egyptians who found it necessary to keep their secrets and valuables locked up. The first metal locks were most likely made by English craftsmen sometime before 1000 A.D. Wealthy Romans were known for wearing keys as rings on their fingers, which signified their wealth. As the Industrial Revolution erupted in the 18th century, the making of locks and keys became much easier and could be done on a grander scale. In the 1800s, different types of locks – the lever tumbler, the Chubb detector, and the pin-tumbler – were all developed and most modern locks are some variant of one of the three. As locks and their parts were mass produced, the needs of a locksmith waned. Those engaged in the profession began to find other ways of making a living. They became involved in overall security, assisting with emergency lock-picking, and a variety of other lock-related needs. They also have helped to develop all sorts of new technology in the industry.

Why People Call Locksmiths

The most common reason that people call for the services of a Chelsea locksmith is related to what are called lock-outs. When a person locks himself or herself out of their vehicle and cannot find the key to get back in, they will need a professional to help them open the door or they will have to damage their vehicle to get inside. Imagine leaving home for a night out and then discovering that you are locked out of your car. You are miles from home and cannot get inside. The same is true for a homeowner or renter who loses a key and cannot get inside his or her home. The majority of locksmiths’ work revolves around gaining entry into homes and vehicles for those who have been locked out. The job, and skills, of a professional in the industry allow them to do much more, however.

Changing Locks

Another common practice for professionals in the locksmithing industry is the changing of locks. If you are a homeowner and lose your keys or have experienced a break-in, you should have all of the locks changed. A locksmith performs this type of service and can do so fairly quickly, depending on the number of locks needing replaced. New keys will be made and the security of your home is kept intact. This service is also a necessity for landlords who must change locks as tenants move in and out. Businesses will do the same in some cases if they have employees who have left their company. Changing locks is a big part of what industry professionals do.

Key Making

If you have a home and have a spouse and children, they may all need keys to the house. Business owners will have certain employees that will need to hold keys in order to have access to a place of business. One of the most basic skills of a Guildford locksmith is making keys. They can duplicate house keys, for example, by taking the original and tracing it using a duplicating machine. The pattern is then cut into a key blank and the resulting key will work in the home’s locks. Many businesses will have a master key, or a few master keys, made by a professional. That master key can be used to make duplicates for employees to gain access to certain locks on the premises.

Need A Safe? Call A Locksmith

One area of the profession that many people overlook is the ability to make locks for safes and actually install them as well. They can design traditional combination locks as well as some more complex newer technologies such as digital locks and even biometric readers. Pros that specialize in safes are also skilled in installing them in very secretive locations within a home. A hidden safe inside a home or business is most likely the work of a very good locksmith. Safes, like many other components of a home, need routine maintenance. There may also be times where safes will need to be opened, for whatever reason. This is another common function in the profession of locksmithing.

Modern Locksmithing Has Changed

What industry professionals learned just a few decades ago is becoming more obsolete as new technologies have entered the industry. For example, the keypad deadbolt lock does not require a key. Those wishing to gain access must enter a code in order to do so. While these locks are a little more expensive than a traditional metal lock, they are much more secure and worth the investment in many cases. Digital locks are being introduced and more homes are now being outfitted with them. As these trends increase, locksmiths must continually educate and train themselves on these new technologies.

Security Consultants

Locksmiths make great security consultants and many advertise their services as such. They often will work with government officials or local law enforcement regarding security issues involving buildings and vehicles. Keeping government buildings safe, for example, is something that someone in the industry would have experience with. A building will have several access points and a professional can determine how to keep those who do not have access from gaining entry. Also, within the building itself, there will most likely be offices and rooms that only certain people will have access. Professionals can set up key card entry or even fingerprint readers to allow access into those areas. When it comes to home or business security, industry pros have plenty of valuable knowledge.

Where Those Intercom Systems Come From

Have you ever pulled into a business entrance or maybe even the entrance to a gated home or community? You may have to use an intercom system before you are permitted to enter. Little did you know that intercom system is part of an intricate security system. You may be asked for a code or some other form of identification. Some intercom systems also use security cameras to help with identification. All of these devices can be installed, repaired, and maintained by professional locksmiths. There are many engaged in the profession that focus just on security systems for homes and businesses.

Why Banks Are So Secure

If you have ever wondered who designs and makes bank vaults, your wondering should have led you to locksmiths. Many banks and financial institutions hire professionals to come in and make sure that their vaults, offices, teller booths, and much more are secure. The locks that secure a bank vault, for example, are designed and then built by those in the profession. Banks will also use other, usually high-tech and very complex, forms of security as well. Whether there are conventional metal locks and keys or fingerprint reader machines, banks and financial institutions represent another facet of the lock industry.

Will Digital And Electronic Locks Destroy The Profession?

Digital and electronic locks have been around for years. Businesses all over have been using key card entry systems, but the technology is now making its way into residential applications. As that occurs and more homes have some type of electronic or digital lock, some believe the need for Fulham locksmith might vanish. What those people may not realise is that the locks were installed by professionals in the industry. While the technology is new, the typical pro has already worked on electronic locks and it is part of his business. Just as with the Industrial Revolution, technology will change, but locksmiths will adapt and always have a place.

Becoming A Locksmith

Entering into the profession has probably never crossed the minds of many people. There is, however, no conventional schooling that prepares one to become a locksmith. The only method to work in the industry is to become an apprentice for a professional in the business already. There are courses that one can take, such as Lockpicking Techniques or How To Repair Pin Tumblers, but there is not a locksmithing curriculum in a classroom that can prepare someone to enter the field.

Searching For A Good Locksmith

When it comes to finding a good locksmith, a referral is probably the best advertisement one can get. If you have never used the services of one, you may wish to ask friends and family for a recommendation. If that does not produce any results, check your local business directories. Do some research on a few companies. Make sure they have been in business for a while. You want an experienced locksmith. You also want one who is reliable and good at what he does. Ask for references if you feel it is necessary. Good locksmiths will provide them.